Horse & Specialty Property Appraisals


When it comes to appraising equestrian and specialty properties of all sizes, Everest House Valuation Services stands out as your trusted partner. Our extensive experience spans a diverse range of equestrian properties, from private-use to income-producing ones.

Equestrian Properties: A Unique Valuation Challenge

Equestrian properties share similarities with residential properties in many ways, with several standard appraisal principles applying to both. However, there are unique challenges associated with equestrian properties. Frequently, the number of horses that can legally reside on the premises becomes a critical factor in the valuation process, as it significantly influences buyers and sellers.

Unmatched Expertise in Equestrian Property Appraisals

What sets us apart is our team of appraisers, which includes an actual horse owner and lifelong equestrian. This, combined with our vast appraisal experience and in-depth knowledge of horses, enables us to specialize in equestrian property valuation. Our expertise extends beyond equestrian properties; we also provide appraisals for agricultural production, recreational use properties, and farm and ranch properties.

Adapting to the Changing Property Landscape

The greater Maple Grove County area is continually evolving, blurring the lines between urban, suburban, and rural properties. This transformation is also reflected in the per-acre value of your farm or ranch. We understand the ever-changing nature of the property landscape and are well-equipped to provide accurate appraisals that consider the evolving property dynamics.

A Valuation Partner for Various Needs

Whether you are considering selling, buying, refinancing, or estate planning, our team’s hands-on experience and extensive knowledge will guide you through the process of determining the value of your horse or specialty property. Our goal is to ensure that you have the most accurate and informed valuation to make sound decisions in any situation.

Count on Everest House Valuation Services for comprehensive, accurate, and specialized horse and specialty property appraisals.

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