Divorce Appraisals

Navigating Real Estate Decisions Amidst Divorce

Divorce, an emotionally challenging process, comes with a series of critical decisions, one of which involves the marital home. Commonly, it boils down to ‘who stays’ and ‘who goes.’

In such situations, the house might be sold, and the proceeds divided, or one party may buy out the other.

The Role of a Real Estate Appraiser in Divorce

Regardless of the scenario, it’s imperative for both parties to enlist the services of a professional real estate appraiser to precisely determine the home’s fair market value. An appraisal for asset division requires a meticulously prepared, professionally supported report that can stand up to legal scrutiny.

The Significance of Retrospective Appraisals in Divorce

In divorce cases, the date of the divorce often differs from the appraisal’s inspection date, necessitating a retrospective appraisal. This type of appraisal provides an effective solution with an accurate value estimate corresponding to the divorce or filing date. With years of experience in conducting divorce appraisals, we are well-acquainted with the complexities involved, emphasizing the need for delicate handling of these situations.

Confidentiality and Adherence to USPAP

At Everest House Valuation Services, our commitment extends to upholding the ethics provisions within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This dedication guarantees the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion in our services. Moreover, our comprehensive appraisal reports consistently meet and often exceed the stringent requirements of courts and various agencies.

The Everest House Valuation Services Advantage

When you opt to collaborate with Everest House Valuation Services for your divorce appraisal, expect the epitome of professionalism and courtesy. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality appraisal reports, all while respecting and safeguarding your privacy during the delicate divorce process.

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